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GORUCK has a released a new line of rucks- the Shadow Series.Former Green Beret Jason McCarthy founded GORUCK with a napkin sketch of GR1 and a vision for GORUCK to become one of the most respected brands in the world.

MISSION Warrior Talk Radio provides a platform for our warriors to speak freely.

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This is still my favorite restaurant in the world and I think the best restaurant in the world.Goruck 50 Mile Star Course Training Update: Good New, Bad News, and Worse News.Every day, thousands of voices read, write, and share important stories on Medium about Goruck.


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The larger bag of the line, the ShadowRuck, is described as a durable book bag built to be folded or rolled up and packed into larger rucks.On Friday Dec. 7 the GORUCK team walked about 20 miles around Wilmington and continued the march the next day.

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We are bridging the gap between the military and civilian worlds.

For GoRuck Selection you will want good boots but may want to switch to trail running shoes at some point to relieve your feet.

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GoRuck (styled by the company as GoRuck) is an American sporting equipment company founded in 2008 and based in Jacksonville Beach, Florida, that specializes in making rucksacks (i.e., backpacks).

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The GORUCK Challenge Here is an example of extreme recreation that is being utilized by returning warriors - the standard GORUCK Challenge is often in cities, but then those who have completed a challenge can participate in a capstone event, often in an outdoor environment such as mountains, deserts, and beaches.

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We received dozens of nominations for the best everyday backpack, but once the deliberations were all zipped up, the GORUCK GR1 told all of its competitors to go ruck themselves.

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Active Duty Military, Retirees, Veterans, and Military Spouses, as well as First Responders, Government Employees, Teachers and Students - verify with ID.me at checkout for 25% OFF.

GORUCK also ships internationally, meaning if their gear breaks on you abroad you still have their support.

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Inspired by Special Forces training and led by Green Berets, the Challenge builds teams and solves problems.Can anyone recommend a quasi-durable boot with a wide toe box.

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